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Welcome To InterOrb


Our mission is to help small and midsized businesses reach new customers and improve their relationships with already existing ones through the use of the Internet. At InterOrb we are proud of being dependable and reliable, and work closely with you to ensure total satisfaction. We believe in excellence in all aspects of our business, including product, service, and support. We are able to offer high quality services at a very affordable price due to our low overhead costs.


As you grow, your needs change, that is why InterOrb offers maintenance and support services for websites, web applications, small networks, and more. With our services, your websites and small networks will run error-free. This will help you maintain your internet service at a low cost as well as increase your competitiveness within your industry.

Our Services:

Web Design:

  • Website Frame and Layout

  • Website Development

  • Website Hosting


IT Support:

  • Websites

  • Web Applications

  • Small Networks

  • Small Intranets

  • PCs, NAS servers

Digital Memories:

  • Photo Scanning

  • Photo Album Scanning

  • Slide Scanning

  • Negative Scanning

  • Film Transfer to Digital (8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm)

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