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Why are Maintenance and Support Services Important?

Maintenance and support services play a very important role in E-commerce. For this reason, it is beneficial to consider looking for outside assistance. Outsourcing these services is an easy, cost-effective way to maintain an edge against your competition in today's technological world. Taking care of maintenance and support services is one of the best ways to enhance your business.


Your advantage of hiring InterOrb to provide maintenance and support services translates into minimizing your in-house staff, therefore keeping your operation costs lower by avoiding unneeded payroll. With InterOrb’s services your online business will be kept running smoothly and without errors.

Examples of the many Maintenance and Support services InterOrb provides include:

  • Fixing bugs, analysis and resolution of websites, web applications, custom programs, small intranets.

  • Modifications and enhancements of your websites, web applications, custom programs, small intranets to support any business or technical requirement changes that occur in your business.

  • Improvements to websites, web applications, custom programs, small intranets whether it be optimization, restructuring or rewriting.​


Maintenance and support are central to a healthy Network and E-commerce business.

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